Reasons Why You Should Write Wills With Willswriter

9 GUARANTEED Reasons Why You Should Write Wills With willswriter


#No hassles and no complications.

# Professional And Specialized Only In Will-Writing.
# Pioneer And Specialized In Professional Will-writing And Will Custody Services.
# Comprehensive Will-writing System.
# Specialized Will Custody Services and Will Retrieval System.
# Convenience And In The Privacy And Comfort Of Your Office Or Home.
# All Information Is Strictly Confidential.
# Fixed Cost.
# Affiliate With ROCKWILLS CORPORATION BHD – The No.1 And Largest Franchise Will-writing Company In Malaysia. Established In 1995, With Over 20 Years Experience In Will-writing.


Gone were the days when people who needed to make their wills have to take time from work to go to a solicitor’s office during normal business hours which is often inconvenient and it usually takes two or more expensive visits. We have change all that, and make it easy and affordable for everyone to make a last will and that’s why we Professional Will-writer  have been writing wills for people outside normal business hours and we specialize only in advising on, and writing wills.

Perhaps you have thought about writing a Will, but have not been able to find the time, unsure of how to do it, unsure of the cost of writing a Will or you have had no time to seek professional advice. Well, with WillsWriter.Com, this problems can easily be solved.

We are affiliate with the first and only provider of a comprehensive range of personalised and professional Will-writing services. We can visit you in the comfort of your own home or office and at your convenience.  We are professionally trained and specialize to assist you in answering any questions that you may have regarding the writing of your Will.

The Wills as prepared by WillsWriter.Com are comprehensive using the  unique Rockwills Will Writing software that contains more than 200 Will clauses to cover every aspect and wish that you may have. They are then checked by Rockwill’s  inhouse legal department to ensure everything is perfect and complete.

You can have your will professionally written from as low as RM 280.00 as well as  kept in safe custody for an additional  RM 80.00. The service of the safe custody of your will is to ensure that  your Will can be found quickly and conveniently when the need arises.

This service was designed with you in the forefront of our minds. It could not be simpler for you now to make that Will and have peace of mind. Making your Will brings security, reassurance and above all peace of mind – not just for you, but for all those who depend on you, either now or in the future.

Don’t leave it to chance,  it cost you just a minimum of RM 280.00 in your lifetime to make a Will. Act Now And Call Me Now because there is nothing so precious as time. Within a split second, the present is the past and the future is NOW !

I would like to meet up with you at no charge to show you how I can be of service to you in writing your will. “Please call me at your convenience so we can set up a meeting to discuss further how I can assist you in preparing your will.


Call me directly at


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Or You Can E-Mail Me emailat

Do Not Wait Until You Have No Time Left! Make your Will today – you never know what the future holds.

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