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“How To Get This Personalised Professional Web Site Without Spending A Fortune!

It is a 80 pages website, you don’t have to lift a finger to do it, I have done the hard work.

Dear Professional Will Writers / Rockwills Associates and Interested Individual /Corporation ,

You’re about to discover how you can have this PROFESSIONALLY created business Website  set up for less than a third of what most people paid without burning a hole in your pocket!

But first, please let me introduce myself…

wills-writerHi! My name is Fisher Teoh. I’d like you to know up front that I had been in the Rockwills franchise business.

Well, the great news is you can now OWN a complete comprehensive Eighty (80) Pages professionally made  website for your will writing business and growing by the day, exactly like what you are seeing now.  You don’t even need the knowledge of web design skills… No HTML, PHP, FTP, CGI, graphic or programming skills needed. I handles all the behind-the-scenes technology and complexity of building your Web site. I have already done all for you. Forget trying to create your own. It takes too long and who knows if they’ll even work?

Just the website development alone is worth RM 4,000.00 and that’s before I even purchase your own Internet domain name and web hosting service for this website. Now don’t worry. It won’t cost you anywhere near that much.

I want to make it as easy for you as possible…so you’ll succeed, be happy, and continue to do your business ….and that’s why I’m not going to charge you “an arm and a leg” to get started!

There’s a LOT of value in this package. And that’s why I’ve decided to practically give this package away and only charge you a one time fee for a measly RM 1,390.00. You and I both know it’s a steal at that price. Figure at the low, low price of RM 1,390.00, you can easily make back your investment in a very short time.

But there’s another BIG bonus I’m going to include. I will include a Complete Website customization and set-up. I will setup  a domain name of your choice with a 4-months high quality, professional, full feature, web hosting plus unlimited email addresses. You don’t have to figure out how to setup and customize it. You will be up and running with your  website. Your friends and clients will be amazed with this professionally setup website and they will  know that you are serious and professional in your will writing business.

Owning a website is vital to a company’s success. With every person looking for information these days, the internet is the most commonly used resource and if you doesn’t own a website to grab their attention, it can have a negative effect.

The internet is the #1 place to find information. Everyone looking for information or data about a product, service, or business will always use the internet as their first resource. If you don’t already have a website, how will anyone understand or know what you do or sell if they can’t find you? You wouldn’t believe how many people strictly only use the internet to find a company. You need an online presence!

Owning a website and having a nice look on a mobile and offer easy assebility to information that user visit.

Consumers these days like to get as much information as they can about businesses before making a decision to patronize them. Without a website, your business is shrouded in mystery. . . and not in a good way.

Beyond all these factors, one reason to create a business website is that there’s no longer an excuse not to. So by not having a website, you automatically miss out a huge piece of the pie. It’s that simple.

Moreover, by having this website, you can EDUCATE your potential customers about what you sell and how you sell it so well, that when they do call you or come into your shop or office – they are ready to spend! (Note : Simply use your website to educate potential customers so well about your business that you spend less time educating them in person or over the phone about these things. Now, you can concentrate on providing the actual service you offer. Instead of explaining what you do over the phone (killing precious minutes), you could direct people to your website for these details. When they call you, after visiting your website, they will be better informed about what you do, how professionally you do it, and when it can be done. This means you will spend less time explaining and more time providing the actual service. You need to capitalize upon the Internet as an effective commercial medium. The Internet not only creates a marketing presence for you and your business, it can magnify your sales and productivity dramatically.  

Please don’t misunderstand me, I am in favour of PERSONAL VISIT to your client to generate these financial rewarding service. But having a website as a marketing tool will increase your business exposure. Do you know that “It’s just a matter of a short time, the internet is the ultimate medium or tool to use in your business”?  Get yourself in doing business through the INTERNET. “If you are not on line, you are definitely “OFF LINE.” (“quoted by Bill Gates”). If your business in not online, your competitors will. Just take for example, China, in just a very short time, China internet users have come first in world internet statistic.

Having YOUR OWN Domain and Website means people can find you anytime, anywhere. It projects a PROFESSIONALISM in you and sets you apart. That’s what you want, isn’t it and if only you want to succeed in your will writing business. wills_writer_logogives you all that and a lot more … MANY TIMES OVER!

There’s just no reason NOT to get a personalized domain and website on the Internet. You do not have to be left out. I’ve made it simple, easy, quick, and virtually effortless for you to own your Personalized Professionally Created website for only RM 1,390.00 which is just a drop in the bucket.  

Before I sign off, I would like to say “Thank you for your time and attention. It is a No-Obligation proposal. Have a nice day and with a wise decision to own a will writing internet marketing website in your Will Writing business”.

Yours Sincerely,

Fisher Teoh.


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