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Professional Executorship & Estate Administration

Professional Executorship & Estate Administration When you wish to write your Will, the key questions to ask are: > Who will get what and how best to provide for your beneficiaries? > Who do you appoint as Executor and is that

Private Purpose Trust

Private Purpose Trust Objectives > You wish to create a fund to take care of a certain person for example, a distant relative who took care of you when you were young. > You wish to free your family members

Insurance Trust (UProtect)

Insurance Trust (UProtect) Protection – Our Natural Instinct Almost all animals protect their young from dangers. An interesting example is the Cichlid fish (one of which is the common Tilapia). Both the male and female take turns to fan their

Reduce Future Costs Of Estate Administration (UPrepare)

UPrepare What Is UPrepare? UPrepare is an Estate Administration Services Package offered by Rockwills Trustee Berhad to reduce the costs of estate administration in the future. There are many matters to be settled by an executor before distribution is made to

Declaration of Trust (UDeclare)

Declaration of Trust (UDeclare) A Cichlid fish (one of which is the common Tilapia) couple will take turns to fan their eggs with their fins to increase oxygen flow.After the young hatch, the parents continue to care for and protect

Business Value Protection Trust

Business Value Protection Trust A well-constructed plan is essential to protect the value of the business and provide cash for the family in the event there is a major disruption in the business due to a co-owner’s death, disability, retirement

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