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What Assets Does The Trust Consists?

What Assets Does The Trust Consists? The assets to setup a Trust normally consists of cash, insurance policies, unit trust, properties and shares. The property under Trust do not belong to the Trustee personally. Though the trust property is registered

Practices Of Using Trust

Distributing Wealth To Avoid Grant Of Probate Trust of this nature is useful when you have:- Minor children and spouse who is a homemaker or who is not the main bread winner. Special children requiring funds for medical, education and

Benefit Of Living Trust

Benefit Of Living Trust Distributes the way you want it to For example, set goals to be achieved (such as a college degree) before your loved ones receive anything from the trust or to be used for their medical expenses.

Private Trust Services

Private Trust Services Education / Maintenance Trust Insurance Trust Executorship / Administration Service Asset Protection Trust Education / Maintenance Trust A Education / Maintenance Trust is set up for the maintenance, education and benefit of children and grandchildren. The main

Why You Need A Trust?

WHY YOU NEED A TRUST ? USING A TRUST IN ESTATE PLANNING Key Benefit: Assets held on Trust are not frozen upon demise Assets not subjected to Probate/Letters of Administration Beneficiary of your choice Protection of assets from the reach

What Is A Trust?

WHAT IS A TRUST? Trust is an important tool in the distribution of wealth and for asset protection. A Trust is basically a vehicle through which certain estates are managed for or on behalf of an individual or a group

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