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Offshore Estate Planning

 Offshore Estate Planning If you have assets outside Malaysia, you should seriously consider setting up estate planning instruments to deal with those assets. This is due to the fact that different inheritance laws in different countries do not apply here. For

Bereavement Care

Bereavement Care Planning a funeral is not about death. It is about reaching one’s final destination with dignity. It is about caring for your loved ones and relieving them from the burden of making decisions at the time of emotional turmoil.

Offshore Corporate Services

Offshore Corporate Services Rockwills Business Solutions Sdn Bhd (RBS) can offer our business associates the setting up of offshore companies through our Rockwills Corporate Services Pte Ltd (RCS) in Singapore. We, at RBS make it easy and hassle-free for you and

Other Professional Services

Other Professional Services Legal Advisory ServicesRBS has a panel of lawyers providing a comprehensive range of legal services with the following specialized areas of practice: > Probate and Letter Administration Application > Litigation and Dispute Resolution > Employment Law >

Wealth Protection

Wealth Protection Knowing that there is no product that can provide the best for all needs all the time, our insurance broker can help your clients make their insurance more cost effective and at the same time achieve maximum protection.Overall,

Islamic Estate Planning

Islamic Estate Planning A human being’s feet will not depart from before his Lord, on the Day of Resurrection, until he is questioned about five things:1. His lifetime – how did he consume it? 2. His youth and body – how


Introduction – Comprehensive Estate Planning Advisory Services Mr. John was a successful businessman and held stakes in various businesses and properties. For various reasons, he used several nominees to hold his assets. He was receiving a good monthly income, in excess

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